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The Waistline Plan The Menopause - Food Solutions by Sally Lewis Back in Shape by Sally Lewis Stop Smoking for Dummies

The Waistline Plan

Middle-age spread isn't just about appearance, it's a well documented condition that can have serious health implications including an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and certain cancers. "The Waistline Plan" shows you how to beat the bulge in 6 weeks with a diet plan and exercises that take only minutes a day. Essential reading for anyone over the age of 30, this book explains the causes, symptoms and effects of middle-age spread. The easily achievable plan will leave you looking and feeling fitter, 6 kg (14 lbs) slimmer and much more energized. With specifically designed toning exercises and a dietary plan that supports the hormonal system as well as enabling weight loss, it will help you achieve amazing results!

The Menopause

An invaluable guide to the ways in which improved nutrition can help ease the symptoms of menopause * Advice for pre-menopausal and menopausal women on how to identify and deal with typical symptoms such as mood swings and insomnia * Guidance for healthy lifestyle approaches to drinking, smoking, diet and exercise * Contains more than 60 recipes, each tailored to counteract characteristic hot flushes, hormonal changes and weight gain * Includes details on orthodox, alternative and holistic treatments available

Back in Shape

Formulated to fit around with the demands of a baby's routine, this achievable week-by-week diet and exercise plan for mothers beginning four weeks after the birth of a baby is designed to achieve a slimmer, more shapely body in only 10 weeks. It includes step-by-step exercises, nutritional advice, beauty tips and advice on relieving common physical and emotional problems. The plan includes relaxation and complementary self-help techniques and is fully illustrated and presented in a handy format for ease of use.

Stop Smoking for Dummies

Everyone knows about the risks and diseases associated with smoking, of which there are many, including: lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, emphysema, a shorter life expectancy and increased risk of heart attacks and stroke, to name a few. Smoking also claims around 114,000 lives in the UK each year (, February 2005), equivalent to over 300 deaths a day. For many people, smoking is seen as an addiction that they just can′t overcome, and for this reason and many others, the decision to quit is far from a casual one.

Stop Smoking For Dummies is the easiest way to stop smoking– and stay stopped! This handy, pocket–sized guide offers you a straightforward, practical plan to help you stop smoking, and walks you through every stage of the quitting process– from stubbing out your last cigarette, to finding a support group and avoiding relapse.

Stop Smoking For Dummies also features information on hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and neuro–linguistic programming, so you can stay motivated and feel confident that you′re getting the best support possible.